Parade Photos: Frame Your Face

When it comes to taking photos of a candidate at parades, the photographer must be part of the crowd. What does this mean?

A good campaign photo including parades should show at least two-thirds of the candidate’s face.  If the photographer is in the street with the candidate, then this is difficult to accomplish and usually results in the  “back of the head” photo.  The photographer should situate themselves behind the crowd. This requires your photographer to weave through the crowd to get the right perspective for a photo.  This also eliminates any potential problems with the people in the photo the candidate is greeting.  Some people may not want their face in a campaign photo.

Here are a couple sample parade photos your photographer should try to replicate:

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Whether you use our photography services or a local volunteer, your photographer must be part of the crowd.  And don’t forget, it takes tens if not hundreds of photos to get a few quality parade photos.