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You’re energized, motivated, ready to make a difference. Now what? Running for office can be a daunting task, but…


You may be the best candidate in the race but if your campaign materials are poorly designed, you won’t get noticed. From campaign logos to…


Eighty or one-hundred pound? Gloss or matte finish? Bleed or no bleed? Let’s face it – not everyone understands the minutiae of…


A poorly designed mail piece can incur penalties and higher postage costs from the postal service. You’ve got an election to win and…

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Our pre-built templates are great for campaigns looking for an easy to implement and cost-effective design. Our logo designs come in a variety of 1- and 2-color options. Our responsive websites are designed to work seamlessly for all desktop and mobile devices. Our direct mail and voter contact designs are setup for you to provide photos and content for a quick turnaround.  We can even provide sample content so you know exactly how much space you have to work with. New design templates will be added throughout the campaign season.

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Featured Work

Our featured work gallery highlights past work we've completed for our clients.  If our template designs don't suit your needs, we offer custom design services for all our products.  If you are looking for unique or know exactly what you want, we can help bring your vision to life.  Not sure what you want? Browse our past work on your desktop or mobile device for ideas that influence.

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Featured Work


I used P2B Strategies for all my campaign needs — logo design, photography, lawn signs, lapel stickers, campaign literature, direct mail and newspaper ads — and received dozens of compliments, even from Democrats! If you want it done right the first time, call P2B Strategies.

Rep. Jenifer Loon

Rep. Jenifer LoonDeputy Minority Leader

If I need creative writing and big ideas, I can always count on P2B Strategies.

Jeff Johnson

Jeff JohnsonHennepin County Commissioner

I strongly recommend hiring P2B Strategies to run your independent expenditure mail campaign. They’re one of the most creative Republican firms out there.

Ben Golnik

Ben GolnikFormer Executive Director,
Republican Party of MN

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Filing for Office

Filing for Office

Tips, hints and one key mistake to avoid when filing for public office in Minnesota.

Powerful Direct Mail – It Starts with Good Photos

Powerful Direct Mail – It Starts with Good Photos

If you’re like any smart candidate, you want to make an impact with voters in your district. That’s why you spend hours, days, weeks and months knocking on doors and meeting voters face to face. The “political science” behind doorknocking (proven by fact) is that if voters get to see and know you…

The first 26 steps every smart candidate should take

The first 26 steps every smart candidate should take

1. Prepare your family for the rigors of your run for office. Specifically, discuss what role your spouse will play in the campaign.
2. Make arrangements for the effect of a campaign on your work life and financial affairs.
3. Seek advice from those who have run for office before.

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